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SCAR 2016 Day 1



Day 1 of #SCAR2016 conference was a day fascinating talks, some serious networking and catching up with old friends and colleagues. The team attended some interesting talks, had a look at intriguing posters and were treated to traditional Malaysian dances, local fruit and cuisine at the spectacular Opening Ceremony. Another highlight of the Opening Ceremony was the chance to paint your own little square of Batik. Christel’s and Gaby’s attempts can be seen in the pictures above.

Ria Olivier Anche Louw from ALSA held their talks today and made us proud! But so did all the other South African participants who presented today. Gaby will be presenting her poster tomorrow from 14:00-15:30 in Ballroom 2 of the KLCC.


Column 1 top-bottom: Ria Olivier from ALSA presenting, Anche Louw from ALSA presenting, Trevor McIntyre from the MRI of the University of Pretoria presenting 

Column 2 top-bottom: traditional Malaysian dances at the Opening Ceremony, fruit tower at the Opening Ceremony

Column 3 top-bottom: Gaby trying her hand at Batik, Gaby’s attempt, Christel’s attempt

#SCAR2016 #SCAR2016Malaysia


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