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SCAR Delegates Meeting Day 1



Day 1 of the Delegates Meeting was jam-packed with lots on the agenda. Four new countries were admitted to SCAR, the various Standing Scientific Groups (SSGs) gave their reports to the delegates, as did the Scientific Research Programmes (SRPs). Ian Meiklejohn of Rhodes University and Tracy Klarenbeek of the South African National Research Foundation are the South African Delegate and Alternate Delegate to the meetings. Christel is able to attend the meetings as an observer.

The evening was spent at the Delegates Dinner, where the Malaysian Organising Committee again outdid themselves. Delegates were spoilt with wonderful food and excellent entertainment. A short speech was also held in memory of Ronald Schlich of France, a previous Vice President of SCAR and French Delegate, who passed away in April of this year.

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Delegates to the dinner were also presented by the Malaysian organisers with a beautiful wallet embossed with the SCAR 2016 logo. Images of such a wallet are shown below.

#SCAR2016 #SCAR2016Malaysia


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