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Who are we? Dave (our old team member) and Nicola (one of our new team members): Part 1



Previously we wrote about publishing weekly biographies on new and veteran team members. This is the very first edition of these bios (Part 1). Who will we be showcasing this week? That’ll be Dave Scott. Dave went to the Antarctic during the 2012/13 and 2013/14 Austral summer (or field season) and is now the director of Caelum Technologies. Enjoy the read and, as always, any comments are welcome!

Dave.pngBiography # 1 of the Veteran Participants: Dave Scott

Q1: What are you doing now?

Director of Caelum Technologies – a technology driven company focused on remote sensing in various industries including; geographical mapping, surveying, construction, security,  agricultural etc. For all your UAV needs give Dave a call!

Website: www.caelumtech.co.za
Facebook: @caelumtechnologies
Instagram: #caelumtechnologies

Q2: Why did you go to Antarctica?
Heard I could stalk a polar bear.

Q3: What was your role in the team(s) when you went down?
Outdoor expeditions and crevasse safety leader. (In normal English: Dave was our safety officer. He made sure everyone was trained for the Antarctic outdoor environment, was brushed up on their climbing skills, and also ensured we were always safe when in the field. And then of course he also did his academic studies, focusing on UAVs and periglacial landforms.)

Q4: What academic work did you have to do there?
Assess and collect data related to naturally occurring landscape features (polygons, terraces, etc.). The second trip was to collect aerial imagery, collect logger data and sample areas of interest. (More on Dave’s Masters can be found here.)

Q5: How many times have you gone down?
The number 2.

Q6: Had you seen snow before you went down to SANAE IV?
Yes but never eaten condensed milk from it before. (The Antarctic is cold, VERY cold. You burn an incredible amount of calories just being out in the cold. As such, coffee [being hot] with added condensed milk [think sugar=energy] is a fantastic beverage to have in the field. Dropping condensed milk onto snow [by accident] led to the discovery of condense-milk-ice-cream. The condensed milk freezes when dribbled onto snow. Scoop it up and voila! Delicious ice cream!)

Q7: What ONE (or two) word would you use to describe the Antarctic?
(Mind) boggling!

Q8: What ONE word would you use to describe your trip(s) to the Antarctic?

Q9: What was the best part of the trip?
This could be an essay question! ! But the experience of a lifetime I could only believe compares to something like going to the moon…and you meet lifetime friends.

Q10: Do you have any advice for newbies?
Do it!! You will never regret it.

Q11:Would you/do you want to go again?
Where do I sign???

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