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Who are we? Cam (our old team member) and Jenna (one of our new team members): Part 1



This is Week 2 of us publishing weekly biographies on new and veteran team members.  Last week we interviewed Dave and Nicola and this week we’ll showcase Cam and Jenna. As last week for our Part 1 we’ll start with a ‘veteran’ member. That would be Cam, who went to the Antarctic during the 2014/15 Austral summer (or field season). She is also currently on Marion Island as a member of M73, where she assists in the work being done by Sub-Antarctic Landscape Climate Interactions. For more on her experiences there have a look at her blog.

If you have missed any of our previous posts you can read about them following the links below:


Biography # 2 of the Veteran Participants: Camilla Kotze

Q1: What are you doing now?

I am over-wintering on Marion Island in the sub-Antarctic as a field assistant (geographer). The trip is a year long which means I get to experience the Island in her entirety. Watching each season ebb and flow with life on this slice of paradise in the middle of the Southern Indian Ocean is priceless. I am also learning a great deal from other disciplines, helping out the other field assistants with sea bird, marine mammal and botany research. If you would like to know more about island life on Marion, please check out our monthly newsletter The Wanderer

Q2: Why did you go to Antarctica?
For my Masters, and an opportunity to experience a place only a small percent of the population has the privilege to.

Q3: What was your role in the team(s) when you went down?
Field assistant.

Q4: What academic work did you have to do there?
Download loggers and collect sediment samples for active layer research. (More on Cam’s Masters can be found here.)

Q5: How many times have you gone down?

Q5: Had you seen snow before you went down to SANAE IV?
Yes, but I had never held a perfectly formed snowflake in the palm of my hand.

Q7: What ONE (or two) word would you use to describe the Antarctic?

Q8: What ONE word would you use to describe your trip(s) to the Antarctic?

Q9: What was the best part of the trip?
Each and every experience was amazing. From the Southern Ocean, observing pancake ice and the flight of the Wandering Albatross. To the continent, aerially viewing the flow of glaciers from a helicopter and hiking nunataks covered in periglacial landforms. This all led to a collectively awe-inspiring trip.

Q10: Do you have any advice for newbies?
It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, take it!

Q11:Would you/do you want to go again?
In a heart beat.

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