Who are we? Rosie and Tebogo: Part 2

Previously we wrote about publishing weekly biographies on new and veteran team members. This is the third edition of these bios (Part 2). In Part 1 of this week we wrote about Rosie and here we introduce Tebogo. Tebogo will be going to the Antarctic for the very first time this year as part of her Masters work. It is also her first trip overseas.

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Biography # 3 of the ‘Newbie’ Participants: Tebogo Masebe

1. What is your name?

Tebogo Masebe.

2. Where are you from?


3. What drew you to Rhodes University?

I wanted to travel further than Gauteng.

4. Why are you going to Antarctica?

It will be my first time overseas. Who wouldn’t want to go to Antarctica?

5. What is the name of your Masters dissertation?

Fundamental atmospheric drivers that affect ground thermal regimes in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica.

6. What is your research focus there?

I am looking at weather effects on ground temperatures.

7. Are you looking forward to going South with your current team members?

So much! I am so excited!

8. Have you been on the S.A. Agulhas II before?

Yes. As a student on the SEAmester. (More on the SEAmester can be found here or here. )

9. Have you been to Antarctica before?


10. Have you ever had a white Christmas before?

No. We don’t really get snow in South Africa during summer.

11. Do you have special plans for Christmas?

Not really.

12. What are you looking forward to or are most excited about?

Being on a white continent.

13. Are you worried about anything or does something about the trip scare you?

Working in a place where the sun doesn’t set during summer and not being able to see stars. Also, encountering storms on the way South when on the ship.

14. How have you prepared for the trip? 

The SEAmester project was my first encounter working with my team members. Since then we’ve been packing stuff, making lists and generally preparing with each other. Personally I’ve been talking to friends about it and preparing myself mentally.

15. Are you taking a luxury item with you, like something you won’t have access to once you’ve left?

I am taking Woolworths Vanilla Chai Tea and Pick-Me-Up Cranberry and Apple Tea. Nothing really on the clothes side but I am also taking books.

16. What do you think you will miss the most during the trip?

A warm summer, stars at night and my family.

17. Do you have anything specific you want to do while you are there? Something you can only do on a trip like this?

Drink water from Antarctica and slide down ice slopes. (Sliding will, of course, only occur when conditions are safe to do so.)

18. Are you leaving family behind? Have you prepared them for your being away for three months?

I’ve been talking with them and letting them know that I’ll be away for long, as well as being very far away. I think my brother only really realised recently that I won’t be here for Christmas and New Years. My friends will also miss me but it’s just for this year.

19. Are you doing anything nice before you go, e.g. a weekend away or a holiday?

I’m going home to see my family and will also catch up with some friends.

20. Is anyone seeing you off?

I don’t think so. Friends perhaps.

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