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South African Research Infrastructure Roadmap



The South African Department of Science and Technology recently unveiled a Research Infrastructure Roadmap (SARIR). This roadmap defines a plan for the next five years and has a budget of almost 2 billion Rand! Quite an exciting prospect for us is the plan to develop a Marine & Antarctic Research Facility. Such a facility will not only help develop and maintain South Africa’s research capacity but also enhance South Africa’s presence in the marine and Antarctic scientific community.

‘The polar and marine national facility will improve efficiency in the use of current infrastructure to support science in the Antarctic region and enhance the capacity of this infrastructure to realise South Africa’s national development goals and honour its commitments to contribute to the scientific understanding and conservation of services rendered by the Antarctic region.’ – taken from the Research Infrastructure Roadmap, pg. 42.

We hope to see more on the implementation of this framework and individual plans soon! A quick summary of the framework by Sarah Wilde can be found on the SciBraai website here.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 6.11.00 PM.png

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