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Who are we? Jessica (our old team member) and Gwynneth (one of our new team members): Part 1



This is Week 6 of us publishing weekly biographies on new and veteran team members. So far we have interviewed five ‘veteran’ team members and five ‘newbie’ team members. (For more on these interviews see below.) This week we’ll chat to Jessica and Gwynneth. Jessica went to the Antarctic twice: during the 2014/15 and 2015/16 Austral summer (or field season).

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Biography # 6 of the Veteran Participants: Jessica Rosenfels

Q1: What are you doing now?

I am currently in the last year of my Masters in the Geography Department of Rhodes University.

Q2: Why did you go to Antarctica?
Because it was such an amazing opportunity and I really wanted to get involved in Ian’s project. He does such nice work! (Ian is the principal investigator of our project.)

Q3: What was your role in the team(s) when you went down?
The first time I was a field assistant, which meant I had to help with logistics and assist my team mates with their data collection. I also collected data for my own Masters project. The second time I was in charge of logistics, while continuing with my own Masters work.

Q4: What academic work did you have to do there?
I was doing data collection of my Masters thesis which is titled ‘Observations and characteristics of tafoni in western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica’.

Q5: How many times have you gone down?

Q6: Had you seen snow before you went down to SANAE IV?
Yes! I saw snow on Marion Island for the first time. I went to the island in 2014 for my B.Sc. Honours research. (The geomorphological project currently running on Marion Island, Sub-Antarctic Landscape Climate Interactions, is under the leadership of Professor Werner Nel from the University of Fort Hare. More on their work can be found here.)

Q7: What ONE (or two) word(s) would you use to describe the Antarctic?

Q8: What ONE word would you use to describe your trip(s) to the Antarctic?

Q9: What was the best part of your trip(s)?
The best part was being involved in such a big project. The team dynamics, organising, working together and realising that a trip to Antarctica isn’t something organised in a day. It was the most amazing learning experience. It was also so nice to be surrounded by so many people with similar interests and passions.

Q10: Do you have any advice for newbies?
Keep the lines of communication open and always take every opportunity to go out into the field. 

Q11:Would you/do you want to go again?

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