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Final Preparations



The departure of the Agulhas II on her annual relief voyage to the South African research station of SANAE IV is almost here. The team has been hard at work with final preparations. The packing lists are being finalized, last items purchased and training completed. The team recently spent quite some time on training with ropes, pulleys, karabiners and all things related to climbing. It is very important that every member knows how to handle him or herself on the ice when it comes to climbing techniques. Team members often travel over dangerous terrain roped up, need to cross crevasses and icy surfaces. That requires knowledge on how to abseil or ascend a rope, how to rescue someone (if the situation arises), and how to arrest yourself if you fall or slip on a slope or icy surface.

Just two-and-a-half weeks to go before the team leaves!

#Antarctica #fieldpreparations2016 #LPiAE #SAAghulasII #SANAEIV #SAreliefvoyage

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