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Advancing the Role of Female Scientists


This year the team, consisting of 3 females (the students: Jenna, Nicola and Tebogo) and only one male (the PI: Ian), will again proudly advance the role of female scientists. This is in addition to our colleagues from Antarctic Microbial Ecology, who are fielding an all-female team consisting of Gwynneth (the PI), Karin and Sunet. While it wasn’t planned to send an all-female-student team, it nevertheless worked out that way and it is also not the first time the team fields a strong female contingent. The 2014/14, 2014/15, and 2015/16 relief voyage team members have had only one male team member (Dave, Ian and Michael respectively) with the remainder of the team made up of female participants.
Just remember that ultimately it’s only about the science and the team goes to Antarctica to further our knowledge on geomorphology and landscape processes, irrespective of gender. More on the current team and our colleagues can be read here.


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