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Five Days Until the Team Leaves for Antarctica!



In less than a week the SA Agulhas II will depart on her annual relief voyage to SANAE IV. Our team has been very busy the last few months preparing for the trip. But with the departure almost upon them everyone has been spending some time with friends and family before they leave our lovely, warm and summery shores for the beautiful and still summery but very cold shores of Antarctica. While Jenna, Nicola and Tebogo have been able to spend some time with their families, this year’s team leader and our PI Ian has been finalizing preparations. Our colleagues (Gwynn, Karin and Sunet) from Antarctic Microbial Ecology have also finalized their last preparations.

The team will all be in Cape Town by this Sunday and will pick up their clothing issue from the Department of Environmental Affairs on Monday, when they will also take the last bit of equipment to the ship. On Tuesday the team will have one last chance to explore our lovely country until they come back toward the beginning of February. On Wednesday they are off to Antarctica! Don’t forget to see the team off when they leave on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you are coming to the dock to wave the ship off don’t forget to read our previous blog on what to bring.

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