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Good luck in Antarctica!



The 2016 SANAP relief voyage to SANAE IV has almost departed Cape Town. After having picked up their clothing issue on Monday and having taken the last few things to be packed onboard the SA Agulhas II the team (IanJennaNicola, and Tebogo) had the opportunity to spend a lovely afternoon with their families and friends at the La Brie wine estate. Thank you Ria from ALSA for allowing the team to spend some time with their families at this beautiful venue!

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They have now been at the docks since early this morning and have been able to settle in to their life onboard (a bit at least). Have a look at a view of Ian’s cabin in the pictures below. And to the team’s delight the SA Agulhas even made an appearance (see pictures below)!  The pier is always packed with well-wishers and family waving their loved ones off and this year was no exception. The SA Agulhas II has now left the dock to go through the process of clearing everyone through customs. We wish the team and every participant on this relief voyage a successful and safe journey!

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