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Day #1 on the Journey South



We promised we would try to give updates on the team and the progress of the SA Agulhas II – here is the first entry!


The SA Agulhas II underway on the way south to Antarctica.

The team has settled in well on the life on the ship with the life boat drill completed earlier today (picture below). They have also been spoilt by good weather and have spotted a bit of wildlife. Life onboard can be quite fun. The ocean is stunning, the wildlife there one-of-a-kind and there are always many lovely and interesting people to meet and befriend onboard. Breakfast is served early (07:30-08:30), with lunch from 11:30-12:30 and dinner served from 18:30-19:30. There is also a gym on the ship for those daring to exercise on the ocean. Up above the officer’s deck is the Monkey Deck – here you can watch for birds, whales, dolphins and any other animals you might pass (penguins and seals when you reach the sea ice). This is also a great place to chat with the other passengers and scientists.


Safety briefing before the life boat drill.

But what has the ship been up to since heading out of the harbour last night? The SA Agulhas II followed the Cape Peninsula and then headed due west off Cape Point. This morning the ship turned south-west and is currently travelling at 14 knots, making good headway. The South Atlantic High has ridged in and given the ship clear skies, fairly flat seas and simply beautiful weather! The ship is currently still in the shipping lanes as a large bulk carrier was passed in the early afternoon. Up until 4pm only three birds had been seen all day but to great excitement a few humpback whales were spotted this afternoon.  We’ll keep you posted on more on the team and ship!


First sunset at sea – Jenna, Tebogo and Nicola


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