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Happy Antarctica Day!



Antarctic Treaty member states. Courtesy of https://wn.com/antarctic_treaty

Today is #AntarcticaDay, which is celebrated all over the world and recognises the signing of the #AntarcticTreaty on 1 December 1959. The team of #LPiAE is now one day into the journey South for their annual field work expedition to the continent. But they will join the numerous institutions and individuals around the globe in celebrating this day. For more and what will happen for Antarctica Day around the world click here. An excellent video by Polar Educators International (PEI) on the importance of the #AntarcticTreaty can be accessed here. ALSA has created a ‘Special Edition – #AntarcticaMonth Activity Booklet’ and an additional book on the #AntarcticaTreaty, aimed at children and young learners, can be accessed through Our Spaces or here. This book is available in 17 languages! Unfortunately no South African languages have made it onto the list but perhaps there is someone out there willing to try their hand at this?

If you missed the excitement of yesterday (30 November) when the #LPiAE team departed on their annual journey to #Antarctica, have a look at these videos.

News24.com Video of the SA Agulhas II Departure

Antarctic Legacy of South Africa Video of the SA Agulhas II Departure


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