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Day #3



It was awesome for the team waking up this morning after entering the Roaring 40’s.  The seas and skies were greyer and after two days of next to no birdlife, suddenly there were wandering albatross, black-browed albatross, grey-headed albatross, spectacled petrel, white-chinned petrel, and a whole number of smaller prions and petrels following the ship. No doubt this was a result of the ship crossing the Sub-Antarctic Front into waters where food is more plentiful.  Two oceanic gliders were retrieved this morning and another was deployed, but with the wind picking up, it became to dangerous to do any more work.  the ship is currently in 45 knot winds, with the waves breaking over the bow of the ship sending spray right over the Monkey Island, which is above the Bridge.  The girls are all fine and the team even managed their first meeting this morning – all seem to have found their sea legs, with the odd bout of queasyness in the rougher conditions.

#AgulhasII #Antarctica #LPiAE #2016fieldseason


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