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SANAE IV has been reached!



Eleven days into her journey the SA Agulhas II reached the shelf late on 10 December and made her way along an open shore lead to the location from which the relief personnel will be flown to SANAE IV. The White Desert team, currently building a tourist runway in Dronning Maud Land, was at the shelf to lend a hand. They are currently traveling from Trolltunga to Novolazarevskaya, where their new base is located and surveyed weaknesses in the ice shelf for the SANAP team, to ensure it was safe for the South Africans to land at that particular spot on the shelf. This was done with the use of a GPR, which allows scientists to see ‘inside’ the ice using radar technology. Needless to say the shelf was safe and exhibited no weaknesses of concern so the offloading of goods and passengers commenced.

Ian reached SANAE IV in the early Sunday afternoon (11 December), with the remainder of the team still on the ship. Due to the weather having turned only two flights are possible today.  The weather prediction is not great, but we can only hope that the remainder of the team and relief personnel will be flown from the SA Agulhas II to SANAE IV sometime today. Jenna, Nicola and Tebogo will be on Flight 6 and Gwynneth with her team team (Karin and Sunet) on Flight 8.

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