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One successful study site visit done!



Today the team successfully visited the Slettfjell study site. Slettfjell is a mountain (nunatak) located to the south of Vesleskarvet in the Ahlmannryggen and offers beautiful views of the Borgmassivet even further south. On Slettfjell the team downloaded a year’s worth of ground temperature and moisture data from the XR5 and ACR logger set-ups and reset the loggers to run for another calendar year. They also maintained the equipment and ensured that all cables, sensors and protective casings were properly attached, connected and in working order.

Slettfjell can only be reached by helicopter and the flight there allowed the team to evaluate the proposed route to two other sites (Flårjuven and Valterkulten) and decide if an overland route using snow mobiles would be safe alternative to being dropped at the two sites by helicopters.  The route looks good – that means no crevasses are visible along the proposed route – and the team might travel to Flårjuven and Valterkulten overland this year and not access the sites with helicopters, as was done in previous years.

Back at SANAE IV everyone on the relief voyage and the year teams has been busy offloading the fresh produce that was brought to Antarctica first by the SA Agulhas II and then overland to SANAE IV by the team of drivers and their Caterpillar Challengers and sledges. Offloading fresh produce, dry goods and frozen food (still to be done) is incredibly hard work and requires everyone on base to help out, including Ian, Jenna, Tebogo, and Nicola.

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