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The wind has dropped a bit, that’s the good news. The not-bad-but-not-ideal-news-either is that the dew point and ambient temperatures are fairly close together and some snow is predicted for tomorrow with more on the way on Friday and Saturday (see picture below). While snow isn’t such a bad thing it does make working in the field tricky. Note books will get wet, wind-blown snow can damage the computer used to download the logger data, and snow reduces visibly, which makes it generally unsafe outside if the wind also picks up.


So what does the team do when they can’t work outside? They prepare all their kit for the next field trip, which includes sorting out food boxes, medical aid kits, emergency gear, climbing gear… the list is endless!!! The scientific equipment also needs to be checked and fully charged. Being at base also gives them the opportunity to get to know the other participants to the relief voyage a bit better, as well as the Sanap year team (S55) that will return with them to South Africa in February. Being at base is never boring and there’s always some work to do. But the base is also home for the next few weeks and the team has now had the chance to make their rooms ‘theirs‘. After all, everyone needs to have a little nook to call your own. Like NicolaJenna and Tebogo are sharing a 2-bed dorm in Block A.

Data processing and logger/sensor maintenance is done in the upstairs laboratory toward the southern end of Block A. This office is shared amongst a number of teams, including our team, the microbiology team, geological team, and the team from Potchesfstroom. When the team is not working they can relax in the library or video room located on the upper floor of Block B. There is also a games room located on the lower floor of Block B.

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