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Grunehogna and Schumacher ticked off the list



Two sites in a day! While most of the world was still celebrating Christmas and having a day off work the team (IanJennaTebogo, and Nicola) visited two more of our sites in Antarctica. On Boxing Day nog al! Now that is dedication – which the team has – and a love and passion for the beauty that is Antarctica. And when the weather is good enough the general mantra down South is to just buckle up and get the work done.

This time they travelled overland with snow mobiles to Schumacherfjellet and GrunehognaGrunehogna and Schumacherfjellet are nunataks located in the Ahlmannryggen towards the south of SANAE IV, with Schumacherfjellet on the way to Grunehogna. Grunehogna is also the site of the old Sarie Marais base, which was used previously for geological explorations by a number of South African teams. The site was also used as a summer base for the South African Air Force when they were supporting scientific efforts in the area.

Similar to the recent journey to Valterkulten these two sites are accessible overland. It is an approximately 140km round trip and while temperatures were warm (hovering around -5 degrees Celsius) the wind was biting, making traveling overland quite an unpleasant experience. And while there is also lots of snow cover at the moment the very warm start to the summer is reflected in the large number of meltwater pools dotted around. Once the data had been downloaded, the loggers checked and repaired and the required rock and water samples collected everyone got to enjoy the beauty that is Antarctica by exploring the area around Grunehogna a bit more as well. Only two sites to go!

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