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More base-bound days



The weather has turned again at SANAE IV, with high winds and lots of drift snow reported. You can have a look at the latest weather forecast for SANAE IV here (or have a look at the picture below). That (unfortunately) means no more field visits are on the cards for now but not to worry, the storm won’t last forever.


In our previous blog we mentioned that when the wind picks up visibility generally decreases quite rapidly and everything looks white outside, yielding what is commonly called a white-out. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t leave the base. After all, water must still be ‘made’ (melted) in the snow/ice smelter, lovingly referred to as the smelly. Jenna and Nicola were on smelly duty today and ventured outside with the rest of their skivvy-duty group to do just that. Have a look at the photos below!

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And with today being the last day of the year the team is now able to celebrate the new year with everyone else at SANAE IVLandscape Processes in Antarctic Ecosystems wishes everyone a blessed and happy New Year. May it be one of success, joy and many blessings!

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