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The last site done!



Yesterday the team was flown to Troll, the Norwegian station located in the Jutulsessen in central Dronning Maud Land. Ian, Jenna, Nicola and Tebogo spent the day maintaining the two PACE XR5 and ACR loggers located on the slopes of Nonshøgda, just north of the station buildings. As usual the team was warmly welcomed by the staff at Troll and we thank the Norwegian team, Sven and the NPI for their hospitality and assistance.

The journey by air takes roughly 1.5 hours and covers a distance of 200km each way. Troll also has an airfield and is one of the places in Dronning Maud Land that anyone can fly into by plane! Have a look at their live webcam, where you can see the buildings of the station with ice plain in the background. Nonshøgda is the hill on the right and the loggers are located just above the red hut further up the slope.

Having finished the work at Troll the team has now successfully completed their required fieldwork for this season. With less than a week to go before their departure to the S.A. Agulhas II they can now relax a bit and use the last few days to collect extra data.

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