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Piggen up close and personal



Yesterday IanJennaTebogo and Nicola accompanied the Rhodes Antarctic Microbiology group (GwynnethKarin and Sunet) to Lorentzenpiggen, a nunatak just south of SANAE IV. While located in the  Ahlmannryggen of western Dronning Maud Land this nunatak is not a study site for Landscape Processes in Antarctic Ecosystems. Nevertheless, we have worked here in the past, specifically for Jessica’s masters on tafoni morphology and occurrence. During this trip much of the patterned ground was covered with snow, but the team managed to do some sampling for  Jenna’s weathering work. It is incredible how time flies! Back at base everyone is now already starting to pack to go back to the ship.

#LPiAE #SANAEIV #Antarctica #2016fieldseason #AntarcticMicrobialEcology #welovetoscience! #fieldworkrocks #exploringAntarctica


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