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And away we go



The ship left the ice shelf yesterday, having completed all the back loading of equipment from SANAE IV. The first day at sea did not disappoint – the weather was simply stunning!


Underway on the S.A. Agulhas II

The next few weeks will be spent sailing (or powering along by diesel) the Southern Ocean. The ship will conduct oceanographic research all along the southern swath of the Southern Ocean, visiting South Georgia along the way. The team will not be participating in any of the science (unless they help out or wish to learn new skills). Instead they will get to travel this beautiful part of the world as an observer. For now here are a few stunning pictures of the first night spent at sea!

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  1. Eugene Els (SANAE11) says:

    I am not going to look at these pictures any more as they are horrible…. Horrible because I want to be there, and I cannot, not ever again, and I still miss the ice and beauty of the southern sea, even after 47 years…. It just never gets out of your blood!!


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