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South Sandwich Islands: Bristol, Montagu and more…


Iceberg off Montague Island.JPG

Iceberg off Montagu Island, Southern Ocean

The S.A. Agulhas II is currently sailing along the island arc of the South Sandwich Islands, just to the east of the islands. The ship is keeping only 2 to 3 nm off the land masses so when there is a slight gap in the weather everyone on board is able to see the islands. Yesterday morning the meteorologists replaced a weather station on Southern Thule, which is a stone’s throw from Cook Island. It was at the site of an old Argentinian Base that was taken out in the Falklands war. The ship then passed by Bristol Island and Montagu Island. Montagu is quite active volcanically – it erupted only a few months ago. Today scientists on board are scheduled to retrieve a 3500m mooring from the ocean floor, between Zavodovski Island and South Georgia. South Georgia will (hopefully) be reached tomorrow morning. An overview of the various islands within the island arc is given below. For the latest ship’s position click here.


Image Source: Wikipedia


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