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The first Skype meeting on getting a South African APECS National Committee started will be held tomorrow 28 February at 13:30 SAST (GMT+2). If you are a South African studying on postgraduate level,  or working as an emerging researcher in South Africa in the polar sciences you are more than welcome to call into the meeting. We will be discussing:

  1. Establishing a South African National Committee;
  2. Goals of such a committee;
  3. How the National Committee can integrate into existing South African polar research projects, as well as SANAP;
  4. Roles and responsibilities of prospective National Committee members; and
  5. Anything else you wish to raise.

Follow the link to the meeting here. If the link does not work join the conversation at https://join.skype.com/vzumcogkB6FZ. If you have any questions send the organizers an email at apecssa@gmail.com.


#apecssa #SouthAfricanPolarResearch #MarionIsland #GoughIsland #SANAEIV


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