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2017 Annual SSAG Student Conference



The SSAG 2017 Student Conference will take place at the University of Mpumalanga from 18-22 June. This year the conference is hosted by the School of Biology & Environmental Sciences in the Faculty of Agriculture & Natural Science. This conference is unique in that it is organized by students for students and it’s LOTS of fun! If you have the time, some funds and would like to present your research don’t give this conference a miss. And if you have never presented at a conference and would like to get a feel on how to present at such events you should definitely attend!

This year’s theme is “Geography and environment for sustainable development” and all students (Honors and Masters) in the physical and human geographical sciences are encouraged to attend. For enquiries please contact Sakhile NsukwiniDr. Wisemen Chingombe or Prof. Pakama Siyongwana. Otherwise phone  +27-13-0020-221 or +27-13-0020-228.


Abstract Submission Deadline: 17 April

Registration & Payment Deadline: 12 May


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