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Current Students


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Participants

There are currently no PhD students studying under the program.


Master of Science (MSc) Participants

Tebogo C.Masebe
TebogoParticipation: 2015 – present
Place of Birth: Louis Trichardt, South Africa
Nationality: South Africa
Dissertation TitleFundamental atmospheric drivers that affect ground thermal regimes during an Austral summer in Western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica

Research Interests: Cold-climate environments, extreme weather events, cold climate geomorphology, atmospheric processes

Fieldwork Experience:

Antarctica (Dronning Maud Land): 2016/17


Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the natural world of science – from the universe to an atom. From looking up to the night sky to looking at my natural surroundings, I have always been filled with wonder. Being involved in the cold-climate geomorphology in Antarctica project is one way of satisfying my curiosity for the natural world, most especially because it is an area where knowledge is still limited. In addition, getting to explore new places in search of knowledge, especially Antarctica is very rewarding and exciting.

Academic History:

2015: Rhodes University (BScHons) – Geography
2011 – 2014: Rhodes University (BSc) – Geography and Chemistry
E-Mail g11m0853@campus.ru.ac.za

Jessica A. Rosenfels

Participation: 2014 – present
Place of Birth: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Nationality: South Africa

Dissertation Title: Observations on tafoni formation in western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica

Research Interests: Cold-climate geomorphology, landscape studies, weathering, geology, biodiversity

Fieldwork Experience:

Antarctica (Dronning Maud Land): 2014/15, 2015/16

Prince Edward Islands (Marion Island): 2014


As a keen adventurist, I have always loved the outdoors and anything involving the natural world. High school stemmed a passion in geography and it is something I have continued to my university career. I got involved in this project as I am passionate about the work that they are doing and I hope that one day I can contribute my part. It has been a great adventure and a huge learning experience and it has only furthered my interest in physical geography.

Academic History:
2014: Rhodes University (BScHons) – Geography
2010 – 2013: Rhodes University (BSc) – Geography and Environmental Science
E-Mail: g10r1879@campus.ru.ac.za 


Rachel P. Ibbetson
Participation: 2017 – present=
Place of Birth: Bulwer, South Africa
Nationality: South Africa
Dissertation Title: The effects of fire frequency on vegetation health and invertebrate diversity in Giant’s Castle Game Reserve.

Research Interests: Biogeography, interactions between invertebrates and the earth’s surface, effects of human actions on landscapes and ecosystems, GIS and remote sensing applications

Fieldwork Experience:

Fieldwork has been a compulsory and necessary constituent of my academic career. Throughout my university career I was exposed to different methods of field work and data collection when on field trips for botany, entomology, and geography. I have collected data in riverine and terrestrial environments.

In 2014, I was the field assistant of Nicola Carruthers for her third-year botany project. Her research entailed the effects of bush encroachment on ungulate feeding habits in grasslands in the Eastern Cape. I sampled dung, plant composition, plant damage by ungulates, and plant biomass along transects and within quadrats.

My third-year entomology project required field work throughout the year of 2016. I carried out a preliminary study of herbivores associated with the alien invasive Robinia pseudoacacia under the supervision of Dr Grant Martin. I had three sample sites: Grahamstown, Adelaide, and Bedford in the Eastern Cape. I collected soil samples, tested seed viability, set up camera traps, noted data on leaf damage. Insect abundance, diversity and identification were determined. Some insect specimens were also reared in the laboratory as voucher specimens.


My first few years of life were spent in a little town called Bulwer, near the Drakensberg.  It was living at the base of Bulwer Mountain, hearing baboons call each other during the day while paragliders flew overhead. That germinated my appreciation of mountainous areas and their related ecosystems. Throughout school, my interests remained with the natural sciences, along with a great appreciation for the arts. My university career was inspired not only by my passions but also by my grandfather’s academic interest in geography. I am curious about the world in which we live and wish to add to scientific knowledge for the benefit of all. I was privileged to be taken under the supervision of Prof. Meiklejohn for my postgraduate studies this year to fulfil some of those goals. My interests have returned to the Drakensberg area once again as I investigate the effects of fire frequency on vegetation health and invertebrate diversity in Giant’s Castle Game Reserve.

Academic History:
2016: Rhodes University: BSc (Geography & Entomology)
2017: Rhodes University: BScHons (Geography)
E-Mail: g14i5652@campus.ru.ac.za


Bachelor of Science Honours (BScHons) Participants

There are no current BSCHons students studying under the project.

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