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We collect thermal and moisture data for eight sites in the Antarctic. These are Flårjuven Bluff (two logging sites), Grunehogna Peaks, Robertskollen, Schumacherfjellet, Slettfjell, Troll Station (two logging sites), Valterkulten, and Vesleskarvet. All of these sites have an XR5 logger set-up, as well as an ACR as backup. In addition we have collected much observational data on landforms found in our study area. In particular, tafoni and lichen distribution has been studied, as well as the occurrence of periglacial landforms.


Data are available on request. Send us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you. Note that not all data are available for dissemination. Only data not currently being used by students for projects/dissertations/theses are available to the public.


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