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This page provides an overview of the South African research station of SANAE IV. The link to the official website can be found here. This page provides information of the base from a participant’s or visitor’s point of view.

SANAE IV is built on a nunatak (a lump of rock that sticks out of the ice) called Vesleskarvet, which is Norwegian for ‘Barren Little Mountain’. The base comprises three blocks, A to the left, B in the middle and C to the right with a helipad on the right (northern end). It is built on ‘stilts’ on solid rock to allow wind to move through, so that snow accumulation is kept to a minimum.

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Block A houses laboratories on both floors on the southern (left) end. Accommodation and a laundry and ablution facilities are located on the top floor. Offices are located on the lower floor, as well as a hospital, storerooms and a conference room.

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The middle block (Block B) has the dining room, kitchen, pantry, waste room, bar and games room on its lower floor. More accommodation is found on the top floor, with a library, a video lounge and more ablution facilities.

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C Block on the northern end of the base has a hanger for 2 Super-Puma sized helicopters, water tanks, 3 generators, a flight operations room, sauna, gym, sewage plant, and a whole number of workshops. This is also where our store room, the geo store, is located the upper level.


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